I was made in Toronto, but the world has managed to become my home over time. It's definitely been one hell of a ride to get here though. So, if you want the longer story short, keep reading... One summer night changed everything for me. Having a love for music, I found myself at one of Drakes OvO Fest afterparties. This was a time in my life  where I was starting to get some real momentum in my business after years of grinding it out to build it organically. After we left the party, we dropped by this late-night Chinese restaurant to grab some food before the ride home. Minutes after ordering our food, I heard fireworks outside. I glanced out the window to catch them, but I couldn't see a thing.

As I turned back around to carry on the conversation we were having, I realized everyone in the restaurant were under their tables. Then it clicked for me. They weren't fireworks. They were bullets. Where the rest of that night took me, is a story I'll save for when we talk. 

I will say this though, the shots that went off that night woke me up. Whenever I share this story I always say the same thing, “I never left that restaurant the same me.” I realized how fast life could go, so I couldn’t take time for granted anymore. I promised myself I'd live life to the fullest or die trying. So a couple months later, things started to change. I invested in business mentors, travelled, attended workshops, took courses, read a lot of those self-helpy books, tested, executed, took L's, got back up, worked on 100's of projects, and helped people around the globe in almost every continent.

Deeper and realer than that though, I evolved as a person. I wasn't the same kid that was sitting under the table in the restaurant that night. Fast forward to today, I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with people I'm grateful to call friends. Friends I celebrate who really make a difference out there and inspire me to be the best version I can for you. We all have a story and autobiography left behind when we're gone. The question is, how are you going to write this next chapter? Think about it,The World Is Yours.


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