This 1-on-1 experience is designed to help influencers and entrepreneurs visually and strategically rebrand themselves to reach a bigger audience, scale their business and make a bigger impact.

DURING THE EXPERIENCE, YOU WILL...1. Have had your brand built completely for you.2. Accelerated the organic growth of your following and sales.3. Have had your brand visually match the quality of the work you do.4. Positioned yourself as the person to be paid attention to in your space.5. Have put your brand in a position to become premium and let it do the selling for you. IF I'VE GOT YOUR ATTENTION NOW, THIS EXPERIENCE IS PROBABLY ONLY GOING TO BE FOR YOU IF... 1. You’re a speaker, coach, consultant, trainer, thought leader, social entrepreneur or influencer.2. You want to build the brand without the tech stress.3. You don't want to waste time trying to figure it out on your own. You want to know you are building your brand the fastest it can be built.4. You may know what you want, but you are not very good when it comes to design.5. You want the brand to be up as fast as possible.6. You want to attract more exposure and clients.7. You are growing, but you want to take things to another level.8. You only want to build a brand that allows you to be you and make a REAL impact. THE PROCESS LOOKS LIKE THIS...Month 1: We get on weekly brand strategy sessions to clarify your brand. As soon as the sessions are complete, my team collects any current brand assets you have to begin the visual brand development process (Brand Guide, Website, Logo, etc.). Month 2: My team and I (re)build your brand from the ground up and get on bi-weekly check-in calls to keep you in the loop. Month 3:  You'll be be presented your brand assets and we'll make any final amendments.

Reinvent Yourself.

This 1-on-1 transformation experience is limited to 12 people per year. To apply to be one of them, fill out the application on the next page so that my team and I can analyze whether this experience would be the most suitable for you.


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